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ADSL Telkom

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Step 1 - ADSL Phone Line
Get an ADSL phone line connection from:
These are normally specified by line speed.
Step 2 - ISP Account
Get an ISP (Internet Service Provider) account to buy data.
These are normally specified at rands per gigabyte of data.
Step 3 - ADSL Router
Get an ADSL router which is normally supplied by the ISP as part of the ISP package.


Step 1 - Read the manuals
  1. A CD or setup document will be provided by the ISP account provider and ADSL router manufacturer.
  2. Read all the contents about router setup and ISP account activation.
Step 2 - Connect equipment
  1. Connect your router to your computer/laptop with the network cable
  2. Connect your phone line to the router with the phone cable.
Step 3 - Provide ISP login details
  1. Open an internet browser and connect to the router locally. (See the router manual for details)
  2. Setup your router with the login details provided by your ISP.
Step 4 - Setup secure local wifi