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Urpu XMPP chat

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Urpu is the name of our local Jabber chat server. For Windows there exists a custom client for use on campus, but not for Linux. Because XMPP is a standardized protocol, one can use any Jabber chat client to connect to our local server. Because it is widely used and runs on Linux, Windows and Mac, we encourage the use of Pidgin. Other clients that should also work is Empathy and Spark.

How to set up Pidgin for Urpu

  • Install Pidgin on Ubuntu by typing sudo apt-get install pidgin in a terminal, or by installing it via the Ubuntu Software Center.
  • Open Pidgin and go to Accounts => Manage Accounts and click on Add.


  • Fill in the info on the three tabs as in the images below. Use your Stellenbosch network username and password. Resource may be anything describing this instance of your account.

UrpuPidginAdd1.png UrpuPidginAdd2.png UrpuPidginAdd3.png

  • Click on Add, add a tick mark next to the new account and close the Account Management window.

Create an account

  • Pidgin should now try to connect to Urpu. If you have not yet registered for a chat account, one will be created now. In that case a popup window will appear. Fill it in as follows:

UrpuPidginAccountRegistration.png UrpuPidginAccountRegistrationSuccessful.png

Add contacts

  • In the main Pidgin window you should now see your contacts that is online. If you do not have any contacts yet, go to Accounts' => (XMPP) => Search for users.
  • Enter a user directory, '', search directory.
  • Enter a student number, name or surname and click on OK.
  • The search results window will show users that was found. Choose one and click on add.
  • An invite will be sent to the user and if he accepts, he will be shown as online in your buddy list.

Voice and Video

If you right click on a contact, it might show Audio call or Audio/Video call. It will only be visible if the contact supports audio or video calls.