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During installation Ubuntu attempts to detect all the hardware and configures the hardware using available open source drivers (commonly called kernel modules) with the most reliable driver settings. It is possible to tweak the hardware for maximum performance using proprietary drivers and custom settings. However new users are advised to stay with the Ubuntu default settings until they become very familiar with Ubuntu.

If you are considering a new PC or device purchase, then use the Ubuntu live CD's to test the new hardware. Ask the dealer or person if you may test the hardware with your live CD.

Ubuntu Systems Resellers

File:Audio-card.png Hardware Compatibility Resources

Printer.png Printers

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File:Video-display.png Video

Most of the video setup involves the X server. Video setup in Ubuntu is very tricky because there is no graphical video card setup utility for Ubuntu yet. In addition the major video card manufacturers only release closed source drivers.

Configure the Xserver

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3D Desktop Effects

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File:Audio-headset.png Audio

Ubuntu installs fail safe sound card drivers during installation and these are dependant on the version of kernel that is being used. The sound drivers for sound cards are installed as modules. These modules use software interfaces between the sound hardware and the linux kernel. Sound setup in Ubuntu is very tricky because there is no graphical sound card setup utility for Ubuntu yet.

Audio Links

File:Plug-and-play.png Plug and Play

Ubuntu uses a combination of "hal" and "dbus" to setup pluggable/playable/removable devices. It is very important that you ensure these services are enabled on boot up of your Ubuntu system. When a device is plugged in, it normally appears in the /media folders. You must ensure that you have permission to read and write to the pluggable/playable/removable devices in the /media folder.

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