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How-to open the internet
  1. Check that your device/computer is registered on the campus network.
  2. When on-campus, click on: and read the website instructions.
  3. OR you can install
  4. OR you can install Pynetkey.
Install other internet browsers by clicking on the links below
Other internet connections
  • Click here to make a campus wireless Wifi internet connection.
  • Click here to make a high speed broadband wired ADSL Telkom internet connection.
  • Click here to make a wireless mobile device 3G internet connection.
  • Click here to make a VPN connection from off-campus.
Further Help Links
Internet IPV4 vs IPV6

Game Websites
Game Shops
Popular Games
Game Servers
Game Links
Game Tips

To get old games working in Wine, type the following in a terminal;

sudo apt-get install winetricks
sudo winetricks directx9