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How-to open the internet
  1. Check that your device/computer is registered on the campus network.
  2. When on-campus, click on: and read the website instructions.
  3. OR you can install
  4. OR you can install Pynetkey.
Install social media software
Install other internet browsers by clicking on the links below
Other internet connections
  • Click here to make a campus wireless Wifi internet connection.
  • Click here to make a high speed broadband wired ADSL Telkom internet connection.
  • Click here to make a wireless mobile device 3G internet connection.
  • Click here to make a VPN connection from off-campus.
Further Help Links
Internet IPV4 vs IPV6

Game Websites
Game Shops
Popular Games
Game Servers
Game Links
Game Tips

To get old games working in Wine, type the following in a terminal;

sudo apt-get install winetricks
sudo winetricks directx9