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It is possible to use Microsoft Office on Ubuntu using WINE.

Follow the steps below to do a MS Office installation.

Step 1

Install WINE by clicking here. Do not accept the Microsoft font licence during installation. The fonts are not needed.

Step 2

Copy the contents of the Microsoft Office CD/DVD to a folder on your computer.

Step 3

Make the "setup.exe" or "msi" binary installer, in the above folder executable by right-clicking and selecting "Properties".

Tip: Try all the "setup.exe" or "msi" binaries in each folder until the installation dialog starts.
Step 4

Open the executable that you setup above, with WINE. Check the WINE page for instructions.

Step 5

After the installation, setup WINE to use "riched2.0" as a native library.

Thats it.

Please note

Some of the advanced features of Microsoft Office do not work. Backup your work first before editing.


If you have problems, try the following.

  • Rename your wine folder as follows, by copying and pasting the line below into a terminal.
mv $HOME/.wine $HOME/.wine-bak
  • Then start the installation again
  • Remember to re-install any other applications with WINE again.
WINE HQ Database
See: for MS Office.