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With the Unity desktop click on the gear icon Gear-icon.png on the top panel and select System Settings.. and then click on Printers.

For private printer help see:

Virtual PDF printer

  • Click here to install the virtual PDF printer. This allows you to save documents in PDF format.
Campus printing using SAFECOM enabled printers

SAFECOM is a printer administration and consolidation system.

  • SAFECOM allows a user to send print jobs to a virtual network printer and retrieve them at any time by swiping their student cards at any SAFECOM enabled printer on the network.
  • SAFECOM also provides an online management interface to manage print jobs.
  • One can use this system from anywhere on campus, residences, MatiesWifi and SCN if you have the required printing credits.
  • Click on the links below to learn how to manage your print credits and how to enable printing from your mobile device.
  • Now click on the link below to add the SAFECOM printing system to your Ubuntu desktop.
Click here to setup SAFECOM printing for Ubuntu when on campus