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Old Tips
Old User Interface
  1. Perhaps you are not ready for the Unity interface, if so, then click here to install the legacy Gnome UI
  2. Then logout.
  3. Using the lightdm login manager, select a Gnome fallback session by clicking on the Ubuntu logo.
  4. Then login again.


Unity Performance

Unity performs well on very high-powered computers, but not so well on low-powered computers.

Below are tips to make Unity blazingly fast on low-powered computers.

  1. Install the Unity Tweak Tool
  2. Search the Dash for "tweak" to start the tool.
  3. Switch off everything under the "Window Manager" section.
  4. Logout and login again.
  5. Be amazed.

Please note: You will lose certain Unity functionalities when switching off "Window Manager" functions. To restore them, simply click on the "Restore Defaults" buttons in the "Unity Tweak Tool".

From Ubuntu users

From Gavin Fleming - 2014/05/26

Hi all

For those of you who are working with geospatial data, apps and services and who would like some training in the various FOSS toolsets, our course line-up is at To start with, there is a QGIS and a PostGIS course in Paarl next week.

All the software is cross-platform but of course Linux is preferred.

For more FOSS GIS courses, dates and locations, see:

From Etienne Snyman - 2014/05/26

The best productivity apps are available at and the programmer gives helpful support. PPA is available here:

There is a graphical photo and music duplicate manager available from along with other great productivity apps. PPA is here:

Works fine on Xubuntu 14.04, and worked fine on Ubuntu 13.10.