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Use to access this website
The campus IT department does not officially support Ubuntu
Please refer to the Ubuntu campus community for support
The Ubuntu campus community only supports stable LTS releases

Official Ubuntu Help Resources
Open Standards
Other Web Help Sites
Ubuntu-ZA LoCo
Command Line Help

Click here to learn how to open a terminal.

Then type the following in the terminal:

man man
man apropos

Normally there is a man page for each program installed on a Linux system. apropos searchs the database of man pages to find a relevant man page connected with the installed program.

Use the keyboard page up/arrow up and page down/arrow down keys to navigate a man page. Use the / forward slash key to search for a keyword inside a man page. Use the q key on the keyboard to quit a man page.

MAN Page Help
NANO Editor Help
Other sources of help
  • Type Help in the Dash.
  • Every installed program should have some sort of help documentation in the following folder: