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A VPN connection allows you to work directly on the campus network, as if you were virtually on campus with your computer.

Apply for a VPN account

Phone 021 808 4367 and ask the IT help desk for information about a VPN account.

Install and select Network Manager
  • Step 1 - Install the VPN software.
  • Step 2 - Click on the networking icon, next to the volume icon, on the top panel and select "VPN connections".
  • Step 3 - Select "Configure VPN"
  • Step 4 - Click on the "Add" button.
  • Step 5 - Select a "pptp" connection.
Setup VPN tab
  • Step 1 - For "Gateway" input one of the following IP addresses: for off campus wired connections to for off campus wired connections to See references below for instructions for on campus wireless connections to for the SCN wireless network
  • Step 2 - For "Username" input your campus webmail username.
  • Step 3 - For "Password" input your campus webmail password.
  • Step 4 - For "NT Domain" input the campus domainname: STB.
Click on the "Advanced" button
  • Step 1 - At Authentication:
Uncheck PAP.
  • Step 2 - At Authentication:
  • Step 3 - At Security and Compression:
Check Use Point-to-point encryption (MPPE).
  • Step 4 - At Security and Compression:
Select 128-bit (most secure).
  • Step 5 - At Security and Compression:
Check Allow stateful encryption.
  • Step 6 - At Echo:
Check Allow PPP echo packets.
  • Step 7 - Leave all else blank.
  • Step 8 - At IPv4 Settings Tab:
Choose method Automatic (VPN).

Hit OK, OK to save and reboot to be safe if it does not work.